Littering devastates our oceans 



 Why should you stop leaving your rubbish everywhere? You should stop leaving your rubbish everywhere because innocent animals keep eating the rubbish and then slowly die. They can also get stuck in the plastic like netting and drown. Is this something we are proud of? We need to do something NOW!

When you leave your rubbish somewhere, the wind will blow the rubbish into the drain and finally into the sea. Then a dolphin or seagull could get really sick and be in pain or even die. Plastic is NOT food so don’t just throw it on the ground. THINK!

I once saw a sea turtle stuck in a plastic drink holder. This must have happened when he was little and then when he grew he looked like a balloon with rubber bands around the middle. This is sad and should not happen because he probably can’t eat properly or go into his shell. Imagine if you were responsible for this. How would you feel?

Why is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch a threat to our environment? The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest garbage deposit in the whole wide world. There is a vortex that keeps dragging it down and around. It hasn’t got smaller, only bigger over time. When a plastic bag is floating in the water some sea animals might think it is a squid and they might eat it, and then they starve to death as it fills their tummy but not with food. Some companies have tried to shrink the Patch but it just keeps growing. We have to stop littering and only that will reduce the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Come on world, let’s work together to make this a better place for us and the creatures of the seas.

Our Salling Day

Last Thursday, Room 6 and 7 walked to Panmure Basin for sailing. It was so sunny and a little windy when we got there. Room 6 had to do some land activities. Room 7 was in the water on tiny boats when we were learning about knots and pulleys.


We were going to learn about pulleys first. Did you know that  people say that if you use a pulley it would be easier to pull a heavy thing? So we tested it. We got a bag of sand and we all held the bag of sand and it was heavy. Then we tried carrying it with a pulley. We all tried pulling it and  we all said it was so easy with the pulleys. When we were finished learning about pulleys we learned about knots. We all tied a reef knot and it was super easy. After Room 7 was finished sailing, then Room 6 had our turn to sail.


When we all got in the boats there could only be 2 people in one boat. We had 11 people so Spencer had to go on the speedboat. I was with Paula and we were doing super good. Then Steph threw some rubber ducks so we could get them and Spencer had Frank the rubber duck. Then Steph came and switched Paula and Spencer. Then Steph said that we could flip the boat and jump off. Spencer and I flipped the boat and we fell out of it. It was so funny and fun. When we got back on the boat we could see Angelina and Tahlia both fell out of the boat and could not get back in the boat. So I went to help them. I had to stay on the boat for a little because Spencer went in the speedboat. I was having so much fun.


Then when we were finished I was freezing cold so I got my towel and changed. Then we walked back to school. Paula, Jaeden and I were never tired. When we came back to school Mrs Agnew was reading us a story and I almost fell asleep but I didn’t. Then it was the end of the day so we all prayed at the end of the wonderful day and we all went home.    


I had a super fun day. I really wish I could go sailing again next year.




Our visit to the stone cottage 


Yesterday at 10 o’clock Room 6 was lucky enough to go to the cottage. Panmure  I never knew what was in it and I always passed it many times  when I went to and from school. When I went inside there were so many old things inside to look at.

An old lady called Terry  showed us around the house and we first went to the living room. There was another old lady there as well. Terry showed us old photographs of what Panmure looked like in the olden days.

After that we went to the bedroom and there was old stuff like a sewing machine and some old clothes. There were two dolls in a crib. They looked creepy to me.

Then we went up the stairs. It was so steep I almost fell all the way down. There was a small bump and my head almost hit it when we went up stairs. There were two rooms: an artifacts room and a bedroom. First we went to the artifact room. There was an old boot and an old perfume bottle and an old map of Pamure There was a hat stand there as well.

Next we went to the bed room there was a mannequin with old clothes on it. One looked like she was looking out of the window. There was another crib with a doll in it that was 110 years old.

we have been talking a lot about what we experienced at the cottage and it was surprising to see so many old things there that people really used to use like the potty and shaving bowl.


My Cycling Experience

Yesterday Bigfoot Adventures came to teach us how to ride our bikes safely and how to put on our helmets correctly. Kate told us that we had to wear bright colored clothes and also we could not wear crocs or slippers.

After that we went to the top-court. We had to ride around the court and it was great fun getting used to riding a bike again. Then we learned signs. We did the stop sign and the going sign.

At the end of the session we could have free time. I rode the bike while standing up and the others were practicing signs and riding with no hands and hands on their heads.

My favorite part was when we had free time. Thank you for all the learning, Kyla and Kate.

Swimming Lessons

Two weeks ago Room 6 went swimming lessons. We brought goggles, a towel and swimming togs. We only had 2 weeks of swimming lessons but it was very cool. When I went to the swimming pool I did some swimming.  At first I did a hand stand under water  and it was hard but I could do it because there  was water under me and it made me float and then I did freestyle. It was fun but it took some time for me to master it but I finally did it on day 5. On day 6 we did some jumping into water. I did a canon ball while the rest did a manu.

And we did fake drowning one day. We had to be in pairs and one had to jump in and pretend we were drowning. Then the other person helped to recus them by throwing a rope to them.

Izzy my teacher for swimming lessons  was very funny. On the last day of swimming we did five different jumps into the water. It was lots of  fun because she threw the sinkers down into the water and it was a race between me and Wycliffe to get there first. It was so intense. I was so scared but then I dived into the water and then got the sinker and won. I love swimming.